Wednesday, November 5, 2014

       Hey everyone!! I am Brooklyn. This is my dog named Kira... I love her VERY much!! We got her from Santa on Christmas day! First we opened almost all our presents. Then we wanted to go outside to play and found some dog toys on the porch. We thought that Santa accidentally dropped it off at the wrong house. Then we heard some barking coming from the front door. We went out the front door and saw Kira in a reindeer costume! We were shocked. We never had a dog before. Then we saw a note that read:
        Dear Johnson Family, my name is Kira. I am 2 years old. I love to play in water and am a LITTLE crazy. I am a black lab and love to play tug-a-war. I love to cuddle and for people to pet me all the time. I want to be loved with a nice, lovable, family, and hope you are the family I have been looking for.
      We have had Kira for 3 years and she is the best dog EVER!! She might be able to meet you to... BYE!! 

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