Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Our trip to Las Vegas

I had too much fun...We went on this ride that was bumpy and fun. We went to a show that had a guy who was doing the drums and juggling. The water was spitting up and there was music. We were sleeping for a minute, then we woked up and we were there. I love it so much and it was so fun. I want to go again on saturday...

Thursday, September 11, 2008

What I got for my birthday

I got a big barbie that you can comb her hair and get a mirror for her and you can put some clips in her hair. I have a little house and my kittens go in there and I love them. Brynley and Addyson got me some socks. I got a coloring book, pajamas...they are so pretty, and I love them so much. I got new panties from the kitties...well, they were too big for me so we got some new ones and they fit me.
I really loved the cake. I went to get more cake but it was gone. I was so sad...
I got my ears pierced and they're so pretty. They got a little thing and they just got a little hole in it and they put my earrings in and then it was over. Then I got a sucker. It just scared me when they did it. But it didn't hurt.