Monday, February 25, 2013

The great and powerful Kira!

This is my dog. In this picther we dicided to let Kira be a princess
She has a worn out scarf,a teara, and a beautiful skirt,and a thing on her arm.  Me and my sisters were trying to do a commercial on her for the prettyist dog in the whole entire weirdest crazzzzzzzzyestttttttttttt world!!!!!!!!!!   (litterly it's CRAZY) lets get back to the subject.Well anyway, she was only a princess for umm...about 3 minutes, but she looks like she's smiling in the picture, so I think she liked it...


 This is at our old house when we got Kira for Christmas. Santa surprised us VERY much. We wished for a little puppy, but a big dog is good enough. Kira is sometimes very jumpy around other people or when we're playing around with her.
This is when we got Kira her new kennel. I think she loved it at first sight, but then she kinda likes laying on the floor...We got her a bark collar because she likes to bark at other people. Not because she doesn't like them, but because she's excited to meet them...I think that Kira is great and powerful and awesome...and she also likes to lay on my bed and cuddle. I LOVE KIRA!