Sunday, April 14, 2013

The Theatre

My mom found out they were having auditions of Sound of Music play. I had to practice 2 songs. One from The Sound of Music and one from Annie called "Maybe." I also had to do a monologue. I picked one from the movie "Tangled." We drove for like 30 minutes to get there. After we got there I was nervous and excited at the same time because I was auditioning for the play. I handed the music books to the piano guy and gave my picture and other important things to the judge and talked to the piano guy for a second. I went up the stage and started singing and performing. First of all, I was so exited that the judge picked me! Second of all, I was exited that I went to round 2! and third of all,  I passed round 3, and round 4 I messed up so badly I almost started to cry!It was the singing part it goes like this, So long fair well I'll auf wiedersen (all-fed-er-zang-) good night. I hate to go and leave this pretty sight. But instend I sang to late and said, So long fair well I'll mmm'mmm'mmm tonight I hate to go and leave this be...autiful sight.Then I ran off the stage I told some of my friends how bad I was. One of my friends was so good singing I just wish I was her when that happend. But luckily,the judges gave me another chance so that means I went to level 5! So level 5 is were lots of judges are there! And thats were we practice in this picture. The judges were busy trying to find who they want to be in the play so we had entertainment by telling each other jokes. One of the jokes I said was, "What's red; white and black all over?" A panda bear with a rash,lol. Finally it was time to practice performing. Lots of kids were really good. They didn't pick me at the end because they didn't know where to put me. Here's all the characters: Maria, Marta, Gretel (of course), Fredrich; Louisa, Kurt and Brigitta. First, they put had me read Gretel's part and act in her part which I don't know WHY. Maybe because I'm too small for the rest. One of Gretel's parts is: "Gretl and I'm this many (holds up 6 fingers). How many are you?" And another one is: "What's in there?"
 The 3rd girl on the right has the best singing voice I ever heard of. The judges said if they call me on Monday then I'll be in the play but they didn't call me. So I didn't get to be in the play. I hope I could be in another play again sometime because it's so fun and I really want to be in the play next time. See ya later! Hope you be in a theatre sometime!

Monday, February 25, 2013

The great and powerful Kira!

This is my dog. In this picther we dicided to let Kira be a princess
She has a worn out scarf,a teara, and a beautiful skirt,and a thing on her arm.  Me and my sisters were trying to do a commercial on her for the prettyist dog in the whole entire weirdest crazzzzzzzzyestttttttttttt world!!!!!!!!!!   (litterly it's CRAZY) lets get back to the subject.Well anyway, she was only a princess for umm...about 3 minutes, but she looks like she's smiling in the picture, so I think she liked it...


 This is at our old house when we got Kira for Christmas. Santa surprised us VERY much. We wished for a little puppy, but a big dog is good enough. Kira is sometimes very jumpy around other people or when we're playing around with her.
This is when we got Kira her new kennel. I think she loved it at first sight, but then she kinda likes laying on the floor...We got her a bark collar because she likes to bark at other people. Not because she doesn't like them, but because she's excited to meet them...I think that Kira is great and powerful and awesome...and she also likes to lay on my bed and cuddle. I LOVE KIRA!