Sunday, March 11, 2012

The Girl Who Wanted a Friend
By Brooklyn Johnson

 Once upon a time there was a girl named Morgan and she wanted a friend.  She had just moved in to the neighborhood. One day she was eating a fish taco for lunch, and the door bell rang. She was scared to open it because she just moved in and didn’t know anyone in the neighborhood. But she opened it anyway because she was curious who it was.
Nobody was there, but then she looked down on the porch, and there was a lemon in a napkin. She took the lemon inside, and squeezed the lemon on her taco.  A seed from the lemon fell on the table.
The seed said, “ahhhh! You’re a monster!” 
”Whoa!  exclaimed Morgan, “I didn’t know seeds could talk! I’m not a monster!” she said. “I can take care of you.”
“Okay,” said the seed. “I guess you’re not a monster after all.”
“I’ll show you around, “ Morgan said. She showed him his bed in the dollhouse and his tiny clothes and his teeny toothbrush and his car that actually belongs to Ken and Barbie doll.  Morgan thought and thought. “Hmmm…” she thought. She said in her mind, “maybe we can be friends??  Can we be friends?” she thought.  “Ok” she mumbled…
“Come on,” the seed interrupted.
“Wait!” she said.
The seed said, “what??”
“Can…….we…….be….fr…..ien…….ds?”  Morgan said slowly.
“Well, “ said the seed, “ I was thinking that too. “
“Come on,” said Morgan.
The seed said, “let’s go to the movies.”
I hope you learned a lesson that even though you moved into a new neighborhood, you can still make new friends, even if they’re different. 

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Ric Johnson said...

That's a great story Brooklyn. In fact that is the best story I have ever heard about a lemon seed. That story might help people to be a friend even to people (or seeds) that seem to be different. Thanks for writing such a great story.
-Ric (Dad)