Sunday, February 13, 2011


This is my grandma's dog. Her name is Jaida. She likes to eat food. If you say, "Jaida, is it time to eat?!" Then she runs down the stairs and barks and goes crazy.
One day, when me and my grandpa went to get ice cream, we took Jaida with us. Jaida was very crazy in the car. And that's why I like Jaida. Sometimes she jumps up on my lap and lies down. And when I'm on the computer, Jaida jumps on my lap and I laugh.
One day, me and my mom went to a store and saw a Mrs Claus dress for dogs, so I said, "let's get it! Let's get it!" So we came home with the dress and put it on Jaida. And I said, " wow! She looks cute!" I LOVE Jaida...

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shannon said...

So cute, sounds like a fun dog! And you get to dress her up? Very cool:)