Sunday, May 2, 2010

Aunt Connie's Hair

I  did  Aunt  Connie's hair.I  laft  at  her hair  i  put  her hair  into  a pone  tel (pony tail)  i   let  the  pone  tel    stikup. So my  mom  took  a   pithr (picture)  And   gramo (grandma)  to.  I   smild (smiled)   and    aunt  Connie  smild   to   and   i   put    the   blakit (blanket) on  her  for   the pithr   and  the   meir (mirror) too.  my   mom   shod (showed)  me   the  pithr   I    sied (said)    it   is    a     grat  pithr  mom   sied    yas   it  is.  if   she  did   not   have   her   glasis  on    the  pithr   wod   not   be   prety   I   sied  haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa.. 


Cara said...

i love it !!! so do i get to sit in your beauty shop when i come to visit?? :) love and miss you
aunt cara

Ric said...

Brooklyn can fix my hair anytime...
I like it short.

Love you kiddo,